What To Wear: Floral Edition

What To Wear: Floral Edition

If there is one thing that makes 2013 more fun it’s because of the undying affair with floral prints (other than B&W of course) that bloomed in full swing this year. In dresses, skirts, bags, rompers and imagine pant suits? They’re just everywhere! We’ll we’re not here to complain, we have our fair share of this garden party too. I for one, wore and own lots of these that sometimes my hubby would think he’s with a walking flower vase. Oh isn’t it the most charming thing?! ūüôā

So here at Pinay Curvies we’ve rounded up four looks, to give you ideas on how to corporate the floral trend.

The Dark Blazer:¬†What I love with floral blazer is that you don’t basically need to accessorize more in the neck area because of the boldness of the print. Also the fact that it is easy to slip from a very hip corporate attire (pair it with sleek black pants and pumps) to a more relaxed chic (pair it with denim shorts and a tee). Those are easy two looks in one piece.

The Vintage Shorts: For beach bums, outdoor aficionados Рwearing shorts is the best thing on earth! And wearing it in floral pattern is the coolest. Just pick a lighter shade for a more classic vintage mood and something in neutral shade on top to balance everything out.

The Cropped Top :¬†So if you want a top other than¬†Mayor Lito Atienza’s classic floral look, two points to remember 1. Pick a floral pattern that blends well with other patterns (like this horizontal line) and color and 2. Go ¬†for a semi-cropped top for that edgy vibe and pair them up with a colored bottoms, then the print will surely stand out.

The Off-shoulder Dress: Lastly for ladies night out goers, choose a floral pattern that is catchy, loud but lovely! Like these mixtures of dandelion and stargazer prints on an off-shoulder dress – fun, sexy and comfortable. Wear it with a nice pair of flat sandals and you’re good to go. Isn’t that easy?

#UsapangCurvy Episode 3 : Superheroes

#UsapangCurvy Episode 3 : Superheroes


Photo Credit : Stoned Lizard

This Mayo-UNO, let us start our evening talking about superheroes! Big, clever, quick, invisible or mighty strong Рeach of us idolized and wished to be just like them.  Tonight 5-7PM on Twitter, is a chance for you to rekindle your childhood fascination and unleash the comic book geekness in you.

So don’t forget…..

  • Get shamelessly¬†tweetalkative¬†in response to our questions. We welcome anyone!
  • Make sure to provide your answer number (e.g. A1, A2, A3) similar to the question number provided to avoid confusion
  • Lastly, include the hashtag¬†#UsapangCurvy¬†so we could easily read your responses.

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What To Wear : Swimwear Edition

What To Wear : Swimwear Edition

Picture this.

It’s summer and you ‘re way too excited for a flight to the most coveted sun-kissed paradise on earth. But three days before leaving, you found out that your trusted swimwear doesn’t fit anymore. Worst, it is starting to wear off. Whatcha gonna do?

If you are like me, I’ll definitely race my way towards the nearest mall and scorch¬†every nook to find something lovely to wear. But what style will it be? And if you are on the heavy-side, ¬†chances are so slim to find that elusive “perfect chemistry”. To answer all this, we have rounded up 4 looks that are so easy pull for girls with curves.

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Run The World

Hey fab Pinay Curvies!

I know it’s Wednesday and each of us is now back to our own businesses. ¬†I just want to leave one of my favorite videos from an inspiring woman, so to all hardworking, fierce, passionate alpha female¬†plusies out there – don’t be afraid to shine!


Video Credits : You Tube

I’m repping for the girls that’s¬†Taking over the world, Help me raise a glass for the college grads.Forty-one roll and to let you know what time it is, cheque!¬†You can’t hold me!¬†I work my nine to five, better cut my check!¬†This goes out to all the women¬†Getting it in you on your grind.