PCS September Challenge : Denim Jeans

PCS September Challenge : Denim Jeans


It is fashion’s greatest invention and has gone every dramatic evolution to another – from the texture, color, style and cut. Yeah, heard of the word jeggings?

But we strut our highest and lowest heels with it, it is a piece that we feel so comfortable in and I bet you danced Teenage Dream in it too. Yes folks for this month’s Pinay Curvies Swag challenge we’re going down to the signature pop-culture trend – Denim Jeans! Show us your best style in it whether it is the bluest, sexiest, craziest and the baddest of all denims. Check the how-to link here

PCS August Challenge : Pinoy Style Icon

PCS August Challenge : Pinoy Style Icon


Because we take pride of being Filipinos so much, we’ve decided to put the next PCS challenge to a higher level. This August, as the whole nation is celebrating “Buwan ng Pambansang Wika“, we are also taking part in this nationalistic celebration by encouraging you, our dearest readers to show us your very own style icon.

The rule is just simple, your style icon must be a proud Filipino citizen. So whether she/he is a musician, fashion designer, celebrity, model, politician, beauty queen, socialite, a friend, a family member or any Filipino from all walks of life; we want you to stand proud by showing us his/her signature style and tell us in what way it influences your own take in fashion.

Just be back here on August 21st for the actual link-up, so you have at least a week to keep us more and more amazed and super thrilled with your entries. Now, who do you want to be for the next Pinay Curvies Swag challenge ei?

PCS July Challenge : Boots Up

PCS July Challenge : Boots Up

In knee-high or ankle level,  5 inch heels or flat soles, to easily pace along watery sidewalks or just flaunt out a sweet killer shoe statement, you can’t deny the fact that this pair of work horse is seriously made for walking. It is a perfect companion this season too.

Again it’s the time of the month to get extra excited (we are! we are!)  and this July of Pinay Curvies Swag with the influence of the on and off rainy weather, we’ve decided to make the linkup all about your lovely pair of booties! Ladies, might be a good time to revive that good old pair, eh?


Photo credit : www.styleblazer.com

Are you a wellie fan? An equestrian high leather chic? Miss comfortable on cozy fury kicks? Posing a bad-ass biker babe? Or that fiercest runway lass? Whatever your bootie style is, we are inviting you to join this month’s blog link challenge! So shy away no more and get gorgeous, blog link up will run for seven long days. Challenge start date is 07/25/2013 Thursday 12:00 am until 08/01/2013 Thursday 11:55 pm Manila timeTo know know more about Pinay Curvies Swag and details on how to join remember, please read it here.

PCS June Challenge : All White

PCS June Challenge : All White


clothes & model photo Monif C

It is one of the hottest colors of 2013 and for the very first link-up challenge, we’re taking it down to basics. It’s a uniform color to shy away from our usual dark and Printy ensembles, the crispiness may seem to be the new epitome of elegance. But we know it too well that whites can be a dreaded clothing foe particularly to those who are on the heavy side. But thanks to the new breeds of plus size fashion, they’ve been keen on reinventing more and more absolutely gorgeous loving designs suitable for curvy ladies. They may not be available here in The Philippines but hey you can always take queue on how to wear this trend. Here are some inspirations


Pinay Curvies Swag Link-Up Party

Pinay Curvies Swag Link-Up Party

They say fashion has no rules, no boundaries… And to prove this right we have created the first ever blog link up dedicated only for plus-size Filipinas – Pinay Curvies Swag. We’ve always believed here in Pinay Curvies that all us has our own style, our own take on trends and truly, as a community we’re committed to sharing and binding that body love among us.

Blog link-up premiered last June 26th, 2013 and here are the list of challenges we’ve done so far.

  1. All-White 
  2. Boots Up!
  3. Pinoy Style Icon
  4. Denim Jeans

But before we’d get all so excited, I need you to read some important notes to remember about our link-party.

How does  The Pinay Curvies Swag Link-up work?

  • Every last Wednesday of the month starting this June, we will post one challenge on this site as a theme which participants must adhere.
  • Link-up party is strictly open for Plus size Pinay (Filipino women) bloggers only because it needs the complete url posts thus requires a blog.
  • Participants must add at least one Pinay Curves badge to their blogs as a support link back to this community. Just paste the respective codes below.

Badge 1

<a href=”http://pinaycurvies.com/2013/06/19/pinay-curvies-swag-link-up-party/” title=”Pinay Curvies Link-Up Party”><img src=”//pinaycurvies.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/badge1.png” width=”260″ height=”150″ alt=”Pinay Curvies Link-Up Party” /> </a>

Badge 2

<a href=”http://pinaycurvies.com/2013/06/19/pinay-curvies-swag-link-up-party/” title=”Pinay Curvies Link-Up Party”><img src=”//pinaycurvies.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/badge6.png” width=”260″ height=”150″ alt=”Pinay Curvies Link-Up Party” /> </a>

  • Link-up will only open on the forecasted dates and would run at least 7 days prior to its closure.
  • We require new and  up to date blog posts only for every challenge, no old posts should be linked.
  • Only decent outfit of the day photos of yourself or fashion polyvores / mood boards are accepted. We highly discourage any images of nudity, pornography, racism of any forms or discrimination and Pinay Curvies has every right to delete a link if it does not comply with the set of rules.


How to do the link-up? Follow a quick guide below to understand more.


On the link-up post like the above, an “Add Your Link” button (highlighted with the box) will automatically appear on the left bottom most of the page exactly after Pinay Curvies admin will officially open the link-up time. Just click the button and a different dialog window will appear to ask more details.

Link_up2 Link_up3


In this part, you will be asked for the URL that you will link-up. Please paste in the field the exact complete link to your post, means including slugs. The name should be your nick name or your blog’s name. Please don’t put other names in there. We’d appreciate if you can provide your current email (this will be kept privately) and click the next button.



URL : http://pinaycurvies.com/2013/06/12/what-to-wear-short-hair-edition/

Name: Lornadahl of Pinay Curvies

Email : [email protected]

Then another button will pop up. In this part you must choose a picture that will serve as a thumbnail for your link-up. You may opt to crop or not (as long as they are within the acceptable size)  afterwards click OK buton to submit the picture.


After submitting, it will only take few minutes prior your post and the photo to be uploaded so please wait. If you have uploaded a post by mistake, you can delete the link just by using the garbage can button located in the right side of the thumbmail. Also, you can freely promote your link-up to the usual social sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter just by clicking the buttons on the left.

That’s how easy it is!