[EVENT RECAP] Movie Date: Starting Over Again

The instant we saw fashion stylist Mercille Tiomico posted behind-the-scenes photos of stars like Piolo Pascual, Toni Gonzaga and goddess Cai Cortez for her movie project  then entitled “Unlove You“, we knew it’s a must-see. And when we heard it’s directed by Olivia Lamasan and written by Carmi Raymundo, we knew it’s something to be experienced and discussed with good friends. Our first event for 2014 is set!

When the movie date was fast approaching, my partner Mitch suddenly can’t make it due to a family affair in Batangas. So I felt the pressure to be doubly madahldahl to compensate for her absence. Did I succeed? As always, I need not to fret. Any Pinay Curvies gathering always felt like a reunion of sort; the moment we strangers recognized one another, we instantly hit it off. In fact, I was quick to initiate a bet: “Kung sinong unang iiyak while watching Starting Over Again…” I didn’t get to finish my sentence as they admitted they’re crybabies just like me. But I think I was the first to sniff and wipe my eyes dry. How competitive, huh?

“Lumaklak kami ng realidad” and discussed how we can relate…over food!

Since we can all relate to film, we decided to talk about this reel-life sob story and our own real-life (un)love stories! Inasmuch as I would like to share our golden realizations, I doubt they’ll allow me. So whatever revelations that transpired that afternoon in Glorietta 5, stay there! I can talk about mine, but that probably calls for a separate blog entry. Ha!

Something sweet and colorful from the generous Miss Annie!

To our surprise, Miss Annie (she used to sell plus size clothes on eBay way back in 2005! Isa syang institusyon!) gifted us with jelly beans! It was an astounding sight as I’ve been wondering where I can find Mason jars here in the Philippines. Plus, I discovered that Avon happens to be a Caviteña, too! And she’s met Loren in one of the many go-sees before. All together now —♫♪♪ it’s a small world after all! ♪♫♫

Class picture!

What I enjoyed about this meet-up? We were already making plans on our next chikahan even before we decided to part ways. Actually, Avon and Miss Annie would like to continue the gabfest over coffee, but Loren and I had to decline due to another event we can’t afford to miss. Off to Pasig we went!

Finding Erzullie‘s showroom wasn’t hard at all. All we had to do was follow the contagious gales of laughter from the hallway and we’re home. As always, it was a fun-filled evening with these body-positive ladies!

Meet the Erzullie Icons we got to hang out with: Jayrea, Loren and Kat


Painting the showroom’s wall with love, love, love!

How it gives us great joy to witness this new milestone in one of the existing proudly Pinoy plus size brands! We are so grateful for this invitation and to feel so at home in your gatherings. Cheers to more blessings to come! Congratulations, Erzullie!

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