GLAM TALES: An Afternoon With Mercille Tiomico & Maita Atienza

Why does it feel like it’s been ages ago since we gathered for a swap meet, for a quiz night and a movie date? Sure, our weekly #UsapangCurvy had always been fun and insightful, but we just can’t let this quarter pass without a real celebration of our sisterhood. We can’t wait to make new friends in person and neither can we contain our eagerness to reconnect with the old ones.

Remember our recent Twitter parties about hair and makeup and fashion styles? We agree that it’s hard to pass kikay knowledge via tweets so we’re inviting you to an afternoon of Q&As, rants and raves, group hugs and gabfest. Join us listen to and learn from fashion stylist Mercille Tiomico and makeup artist Maita Atienza on August 18th, Sunday, from 2pm-4pm in Dome Cafe (formerly known as Cafeccino by Dome) in Eastwood Mall. We can only accommodate up to 14 attendees so please let us know if you’re coming. Go here.


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