Pinay Curvies Swag October: The #Selfie Challenge


 Photo Credit : Women’s Health Mag

If there’s one trend which became so infectious among us today and generally considered as a perk of this new age technology we are living in, it would be the term coined by all – #selfie. From a  five year old who hold an iPad, in between washroom breaks of a beauty queen  even global influential ladies, down to the Hollywood train wrecks and racy reality stars – one thing is common, they’re all snapping everything out for the great world wide web to see.

But who are we to complain, our social media sites are continuously bombarded with photos after photos of beautiful women, and since we share the same sentiments like Ali does in her article at POC, we’ve concluded to do a make-up #selfie challenge for this month. Though, this challenge only asks two things from you,

  1. We want your face with make-up on, so please no racy or nude photos.
  2. Answer these four questions to make posting fun
  • How did you make your #selfie special?
  • What’s your inspiration for your #selfie?
  • In general, what do you think of #selfies? Do you like it or not?
  • What, if any, is your favorite selfie by a celebrity on the Internet?

Oh a shout-out thanks to Ali for allowing us to use this concept, see you soon dear!

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