PCS July Challenge : Boots Up


In knee-high or ankle level,  5 inch heels or flat soles, to easily pace along watery sidewalks or just flaunt out a sweet killer shoe statement, you can’t deny the fact that this pair of work horse is seriously made for walking. It is a perfect companion this season too.

Again it’s the time of the month to get extra excited (we are! we are!)  and this July of Pinay Curvies Swag with the influence of the on and off rainy weather, we’ve decided to make the linkup all about your lovely pair of booties! Ladies, might be a good time to revive that good old pair, eh?


Photo credit : www.styleblazer.com

Are you a wellie fan? An equestrian high leather chic? Miss comfortable on cozy fury kicks? Posing a bad-ass biker babe? Or that fiercest runway lass? Whatever your bootie style is, we are inviting you to join this month’s blog link challenge! So shy away no more and get gorgeous, blog link up will run for seven long days. Challenge start date is 07/25/2013 Thursday 12:00 am until 08/01/2013 Thursday 11:55 pm Manila timeTo know know more about Pinay Curvies Swag and details on how to join remember, please read it here.

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  1. Omg!!!! I remember when u ask in one of our usapangcurvy twitter parties on what is it that u cant pull off and i said boots!!!! I dnt even have one coz nothing fits me well for my extraordinary size and extraordinary legs… Ahahahahhahahahaha!!! I think i am gonna pass on this one… I dnt know if i can buy something that fits me… Huhuhuhuhuhu… Quite a challenge eh?

    1. Why extraordinary legs? Anyway, you can do Polyvore set naman if you don’t have a pair of boots. Have fun mixing stuff! See you on the blog link-up! 🙂

      1. Ahahahahha… I think my foreleg is so much bigger than my shoe size… If u measure my feet, a size 10 can fit but since boots is extended up to the foreleg… I think i need to buy a 12.. Ahahahaha!!! Let’s put it this way my pant size should be 16 but because it cant fit my legs, i havr no choice but to get an 18-20

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