Pinay Curvies 05-2K13 Updates


There’s no better time on a perfect Saturday morning but to share with you our ever-dear lovely reader some of the latests here @ Pinay Curvies. To start with,

  • #UsapangCurvy last week just hit its sixth mark on Twitter! And still rolling with more and more, old and new tweetalking plusies! Oh thank you heavens and thanks to you for being active.
  • Our Fanpage reached 222 thumbs up all because of your positivity of connecting with everyone about size acceptance and body love which we’re truly amazed! Just wow, see this community is indeed growing and we’re extremely happy to be part of it.
  • And since we couldn’t resist meeting y’all personally, we’ve been cookin‘ on for yet another event ***crossin’ fingers ***
  • Lastly, we’re beyond ecstatic to announce that finally we’re doing a revamp in our site, yippee yippee yeah yeah!! And this means more exciting stuffs to watch out for.

So ladies, talk to you on Wednesday same time – same hashtag and catch us up soon at our new address! Have a blessed weekend!

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