Pinay Curvies Swag January : Something Old

PCS January

As new year kicks in, we are often driven to try a new exercise, add a hobby or find ourselves switching from food choices to another for a healthier take. But there is still this common viral thing we do regardless of our gender – the love to splurge! Even if we already own few pairs of black stilettos, got a cocktail dress that has been sitting in our closet for months with a price tag on or added one in our pool of gadgets as a birthday present – still we can’t resist the thought of buying and upgrading our simple treasures at the end of each year. One could argue that’s what the bonuses are for?

Though I have nothing against new buys and recent hauls, in fact, I am guilty of being a hoarder myself, what would you generally do if this year of the water horse everything we pay evidently goes up like food, taxes, oil hikes, benefit contributions. So this January instead of sharing us the new, why not share with us something old from your treasures. Whether it is a hand-me-down from your mom or sisters, pre-loved items from your friends, a re-purposed DIY out of your old bin or simply a very old thing you treasure the most – link it up here and we’d truly love to see you werk it!


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