Swap Meet and Greet Round-up!

It’s been weeks since the invite to our first swap meet‘s been sent out. Now’s our turn to inform you who’s coming and what they’re bringing. And we’re so grateful that, in a span of less than 3 weeks, we received lots of inquiries, email from eager participants and – the most surprising of all – email from generous plus size lines that will give away some of their samples for the lucky participants! Are you ready for our little sneak preview?

I’ve always been a fan of Monica Reyes’s street style. Check out her cute blouses up for swap!


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More Ladies To Swap!

Fashion couldn’t get any sweeter each day  as more and more ladies are up for swapping this Sunday! And the most exciting part is Erzulie and Chubbly are giving away fabulous samples from their collections – yummy! Anything free and fabulous is fashion yummy!


So if you are a plus size gal with tons of stuffs to offload,  you are most welcome to join.

Please read full event details here.