[EVENT RECAP] Glam Tales with Mercille Tiomico & Maita Atienza

[EVENT RECAP] Glam Tales with Mercille Tiomico & Maita Atienza


Finally, Mitch and I had a follow-up gathering for our beloved curvy community. After the swap meetquiz night and movie date, we are so delighted to hold our first kikay boot camp called Glam Tales. We’re so grateful that our resource speakers were equally enthusiastic about this mission and, to our absolute surprise, the attendees braved typhoon Maring to join us. It was such an awesome feeling! Our event started with a makeup demo from Maita Atienza. Based on our #UsapangCurvy about hair and makeup, it became apparent that most of us are eager to learn about contouring. Prior to the event, Maita tapped me to be the model so the attendees could see how to make magic. We truly learned a lot from her, specifically my foundation shade (golden sunset) and Findation is the place to go to find our perfect match! Amazing, right?


Even before the demo is done, my newfound friends were quick to marvel at my no-makeup look. I must admit I was truly impressed, too. In fact, I almost did NOT wash my face before going to bed. I wanted to preserve my look! Then I remember how she started the demo by removing my makeup haha!


By the way, even before I met Maita that day, I was already a fan of hers. Her posts showed love for organic farming and she’s a reminder of my dream to be a green thumb and grow my own food. When I finally saw her in the flesh, I was stunned that she looks waaay younger and prettier in person!  Her photos online don’t do her justice!


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Remember how we talked about our fashion worries during this #UsapangCurvyMercille Tiomico gave us all a roundup on what we should consider to look big and fab. I was personally shocked that she finds comfort vital, too. I mean, she looks fasyon fasyon in photos and in person (don’t let that camouflage top fool you, she was wearing a very funky pair of shoes!). The best realization? She wasn’t as snobbish as she appears! She’s very bubbly. As in babaeng bakla like me!
To sum it up, it was a very informative, fun and noisy gathering. It was like a reunion of some sort! I could just imagine how the other diners felt when we emerged out of the function room, asking for photo opps and exchanging endless goodbyes and besos. Mitch and I got inspiration for our next events, too. I’m tempted to divulge our brewing projects with some of the attendees, but it’s best to keep mum for now.