[EVENT RECAP] Movie Date: Starting Over Again

[EVENT RECAP] Movie Date: Starting Over Again

The instant we saw fashion stylist Mercille Tiomico posted behind-the-scenes photos of stars like Piolo Pascual, Toni Gonzaga and goddess Cai Cortez for her movie project  then entitled “Unlove You“, we knew it’s a must-see. And when we heard it’s directed by Olivia Lamasan and written by Carmi Raymundo, we knew it’s something to be experienced and discussed with good friends. Our first event for 2014 is set! Read More

Thank you, 2013!

Thank you, 2013!

Around this time of the year last year, Mitch and I had just announced that we’re starting 2013 with a swap meet. Looking back, we are teeming with gratitude that we received immense love and support to our events, namely swap meet, quiz night, Juana C. The Movie date, Glam Tales, Spooky-Oke Night and relief operation for Yolanda survivors in Guianan, Eastern Samarand online gatherings like #UsapangCurvy and Pinay Curvies Swag blog link-up parties. Plus, we even surprised ourselves for surpassing our own target of 4 events in a year! Amazing! Read More

Spooky-oke Night!

Spooky-oke Night!

We still can’t believe that  we’re turning one-year-old! Imagine, in a few weeks time, we can proudly participate to weekly merriment like #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday. Seriously though, it brings us happy tears just thinking that our curvy community seems to be growing tight. In addition to that, the “outer world” recently took notice of our efforts. Read about our features on GMA News Online and POC. Amazing, right?

So, before I get too sappy, let me proceed to our little announcement. We are inviting YOU to join Spooky-oke Night! We ask you to come in your fab costumes (not necessarily Halloween-ish like manananggal or sparkling vampires) and join us sing our grateful hearts out in celebration of our first bloggiversary. It’s happening on October 26th, Saturday, 8pm to 12mn. You can confirm your attendance by sending us an email to [email protected]

Spooky-oke Night!
Spooky-oke Night!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) Do we really need to be in costumes?

Yes, yes, yes! The tribe has spoken.

2.) Do we get a prize for our costumes?

Of course! We’ll reward the 1.) best in costume and 2.) best singer of the night with a beso, among others.

3.) How much do we need to shell out?

We took care of the venue rental. Drinks and pica pica will be served.

4.) Will there be a corkage fee?

Unfortunately, there is.

5.) So how do we confirm our attendance? Can I confirm on my gal pals’ behalf?

Send us an email to [email protected] Please ask your friends to send us their confirmation email individually.

If you have other questions we missed to cover, please let us know!

Meet Maita Atienza!

Meet Maita Atienza!

In case you haven’t heard yet, we recently sent out an invitation to our first balik-alindog class and we can’t contain our excitement to meet you all in the flesh. We deem it necessary to introduce our resource speakers and, today, we’ll start with the hair and make-up artist Maita Atienza.

Lornadahl: Tell us about your career as a make-up artist. What got you started in the make-up industry? What do you specialize in?

Maita: I’ve been a makeup artist for 3 years. I stopped working and started selling cosmetics and thought that I would be more credible as a makeup seller if I became an artist. So I took classes at HD Makeup Studio under Jeave Gabiana and Stef Chua-Sing. Before long, I was a full time makeup artist and I stopped selling cosmetics. I specialize in weddings, but I sometimes get work in production.



One of the many weddings she worked on. Photo obtained from Maita Atienza MakeUp fanpage

Lornadahl: What is your biggest challenge as a make-up artist?

Maita: My biggest challenge as a makeup artist is keeping to a schedule. A lot of things can happen on set or on location that it’s easy to skip meals. So it also makes it super hard to stick to a diet. But other than that, I’m very happy to be in this position where I can choose clients.

Lornadahl: What is your biggest accomplishment as a make-up artist?

Maita: So far my biggest accomplishment was being able to work with a local government unit (for their office head shots) and a large accounting firm. They are my most high profile clients to date and it feels very rewarding to be trusted by people with such high standards.

Lornadahl: Awesome! What else would you like to achieve as a make-up artist?

Maita: I would love to have my own makeup brand — and not just any makeup. Real high definition airbrush makeup. The number of makeup artists in the Philippines is growing and I think it’s only fair that we have our own quality cosmetics to help cut costs in the business.

Lornadahl: What’s in store for us on Glam Tales?

Maita: I’ll do an ultimate foundation work demo with contouring and highlighting that can be the base of any makeup they work.

GLAM TALES: An Afternoon With Mercille Tiomico & Maita Atienza

GLAM TALES: An Afternoon With Mercille Tiomico & Maita Atienza

Why does it feel like it’s been ages ago since we gathered for a swap meet, for a quiz night and a movie date? Sure, our weekly #UsapangCurvy had always been fun and insightful, but we just can’t let this quarter pass without a real celebration of our sisterhood. We can’t wait to make new friends in person and neither can we contain our eagerness to reconnect with the old ones.

Remember our recent Twitter parties about hair and makeup and fashion styles? We agree that it’s hard to pass kikay knowledge via tweets so we’re inviting you to an afternoon of Q&As, rants and raves, group hugs and gabfest. Join us listen to and learn from fashion stylist Mercille Tiomico and makeup artist Maita Atienza on August 18th, Sunday, from 2pm-4pm in Dome Cafe (formerly known as Cafeccino by Dome) in Eastwood Mall. We can only accommodate up to 14 attendees so please let us know if you’re coming. Go here.