We’re Now At Our New Addy and more….. Surprises!

new_site1click image above to see in full view

They say great things happen to those who wait, sure enough it is indeed true to us. After several months of research, consultations, planning and unbelievable brainstorming, this humble site has been completely running in a new domain for weeks now. Finally!  We can now be searched just by adding “.com” at the end of our name. It is now short, simple and very easy to remember. I mean seriously guys, it’s only 3 words pinaycurvies.com that’s how easy it is. Also, the site had a total facelift. Notice that we’re on a clean white fresh page,  a new set of social buttons on the right navigator side for your convenience and you can now directly shoot us a mail via [email protected]

So aside from our site’s makeover, last June 12 we kicked off a series post with our What To Wear, bearing all fab pixie-cropped ladies. But honestly, the fun doesn’t stop there because we here in Pinay Curvies love so so much to unite all curvy women that we decided to put up more and more exciting stuffs just for you. So now, we have just recently finished conceptualizing at the same time tested the whole new blog segment and I’m overly gushing to let y’all know that anytime soon Pinay Curvies will be having our very own link-up party too!!

So ladies head back here this Wednesday and mark your calendar as we unveil more of this first-ever all Pinay link-up party fun!

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